Vessel Scheduling

PlanSea has developed software previously successfully deployed in other industries and aimed at maximising vessel utilisation and efficiency through optimised scheduling. The PlanSea vessel scheduling software for the offshore oil and gas marine support sector is aimed at providing a quick decision support tool to remove the drudgery and time-consuming effort of schedule development. This allows marine experts to add maximum value with final selection/manual optimisation and creates opportunities for those skills to be deployed in other operational and management tasks. In addition the PlanSea Vessel Scheduling software aims to minimise time at sea, with corresponding HSE benefits, and has the ability to highlight demand and resource issues – and any spare capacity. This provides users with the opportunity to both examine and execute vessel sharing strategies on an ongoing basis. Allied to this are automatic voyage budget/actual costing reporting – to the SOAP 6 standard or other methodology desired – and an ability to communicate with enterprise and other systems like SAP, etc