PlanSea speak at Innovating Oil & Gas Logistics Conference in London

Jim Cargill of PlanSea was an invited speaker at the Innovating Oil & Gas Logistics Conference held at Canary Wharf in London in May.

Alongside operators and other logistics-related companies, PlanSea was able to update attendees on the capabilities of the company’s software and our recent progress.

“This was a stimulating and valuable event and some interesting opportunities may have come from our participation.” Jim commented.

Organisers Hanson Wade noted that “the Oil & Gas Logistics function faces the constant challenge of aligning its capabilities with business demands to improve performance and gain competitive advantage.

Logistics costs are escalating while bottom lines are shrinking. Oil & Gas is proving harder to find and its worth less once extracted. The current market downturn has put logistics departments in the difficult position of re-evaluating their strategies to streamline and improve their performance whilst aligning themselves more closely with the wider business needs.

Networks become outdated as suppliers, customers, channels and the expectations of stakeholders evolve. This contributes to escalated costs, reduced efficiency and increased logistical complexity. Meaning there is a capability gap between where companies are currently and where they need to be to fuel business growth and enable project delivery.

Everyone knows that the solution is to get closer to the business, to be proactive rather than reactive in anticipating demand, and to move from a supply function to a value driven function. However, few have found the answers as to how to make this happen in practice, and most agree that a change in the way logistics is carried out will be needed to stay ahead of business needs.

This is that forum which brings this community together to identify what needs to change to deliver a high-performance, customised, fit for purpose logistics network.”