PlanSea Solutions Limited

PlanSea Solutions Limited offers operational management control, fleet optimisation and vessel scheduling software for the offshore oil and gas marine support sector.

Jim Cargill, an oil industry/logistics veteran, is leading PlanSea with support from Professor John McCall and his world leading research team. Offshore marine support is an expensive and complicated operation with varying and quickly changing demands. As cost pressures increase, for example low oil prices, declining production levels, etc the need for resource optimisation/cost-saving tools becomes of paramount importance. To meet these challenges PlanSea has developed software previously successfully deployed in other industries and aimed at maximising vessel utilisation and efficiency through optimised scheduling.

This is achieved by “right-sizing” vessel fleets to help minimise spot market (short term vessel hire) exposure and by minimising the number of offshore installation visits – all of this also provides substantial Health, Safety and Environmental Risk benefits accruing from the resultant minimisation of vessel time at sea.

As part of the ongoing operational process the PlanSea software automatically generates customisable management information and provides cost allocation using SOAP 6 or other desired methodology.

 The PlanSea software also allows users to easily evaluate and capitalise on vessel sharing and/or collaboration opportunities in line with the thrust of the recent Sir Ian Wood Report.

We bring to the table massive amounts of relevant expertise and industry experience. Please choose a team member below to find out more.