Visibility Offshore operations are made more visible to stakeholders, management, vessels, offshore installations and engineering/project personnel as required.
Optimisation Through use of historical and ongoing data collected by PlanSea and analysis of projected demand requirements, optimised fleet profiles are produced for consideration.
Efficiency By applying sophisticated algorithms to complicated supply-chain requirements, PlanSea brings an enhanced level of efficiency to offshore support operations.
Control PlanSea software provides operators with enhanced control of offshore activity including real-time information if desired.


Through enhanced management control, optimised fleeting and efficient scheduling, PlanSea contributes to the long-term sustainability and viability of offshore assets.


The PlanSea software helps identify, evaluate and facilitate collaboration and vessel sharing opportunities.

PlanSea Solutions Limited is a spin-out company from the Robert Gordon University (RGU) in Aberdeen, Scotland. Whilst being an independent commercial enterprise, PlanSea is able to draw on the extensive resources of RGU in the development of optimization solutions and associated software

PlanSea has been shortlisted in the Emerging Technology Award category of the 2017 Offshore Achievement Awards – one of three nominees to be shortlisted for the category…